5 Awesome Places to visit in khenifra – Tourism Morocco

Khenifra is one of the most beautiful and popular cities in Morocco among tourism. Moreover, it has many distinctive tourist areas that provide many activities that people prefer to spend their khenifra vacations . I will show you most 5 places attracting places for tourism, let’s dive in.

Ageulmam Azegza Lake

Aguelmam azegza Lake, Khenifra
Aguelmam azegza Lake

The blue lake, or as the Berbers call it “Ageulmam Azegza”, is one of the natural tourist places in the capital of the Middle Atlas Khenifra. With sensational Landscape it still has an attractive tourist position retains its wild impression.

Morocco is proud to have the most beautiful and magnificent areas in the Middle Atlas. Otherwise, it is enough to travel some kilometers outside the city towards the historical Area “Ajdir” to open up to the visitor to embrace with virgin nature, lakes, cedar forests and green, and wonderful mountain sites.

There is 30Km from the city of Khenifra, passing through “Ain Aruku”, “Asoul”, and more natural forests, there is the blue lake, in which time stops and human fuses with nature at the top of its serenity.

The road to this ecological area does not help many in his visit, so the further the distance to it is narrowed down, the narrower the way, and the incursion into vast forests begins, and the altitude increases above sea level by 1,800 meters, reaching approximately 1,900 meters in “Ageulmam Azegza”.


Arrougou, Khenifra

this place is one of the most popular and unique tourist attractions in Khenifra. However, Tourism begins in Arrougou from the beginning of the road. It is characterized by a charming road full of stunning landscapes, including lands and waters.

Khenifra has a range of heavy forests, vast lakes, and varied and large green areas. Tourists usually prefer to spend their time in Arrougou. Because of, the picturesque nature regions, to relax and enjoy the good weather there.

Arrougou is one of the regions that is suitable in the summer and winter seasons, each one has various activities that attract tourists. Snow falls in the winter making Khenifra’s Visitors prefer to ski and play with it and make snow sculptures.
As for the summer, tourists prefer warm weather, sitting in the natural scenery and watching rare and diverse plants. also it has a small zoo with a collection of distinctive and endangered animals.

Azegza National Park


Azgza Khenifra National Park is one of the distinctive parks that attract tourists to tourism in Morocco.

Located at Agilmam Agzza Lake. Furthermore, Azgza National Park is one of the free parks in Khenifra. Moreover, it’s characterize by providing many camping areas where tourists can camp and stay during their sessions there.

There are many activities that tourists can do in the park, especially playing with their childrens, so the park is classified as a family tourism area.
There are also many facilities that tourists may need during their garden sessions, including restaurants, small cafes, and kiosks.

Oum Er-Rbia waterfalls

Khenifra, Om Er-bia
Oum Er-Rbia waterfalls

Oum Er-Rbia waterfalls are located in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. Moreover, the waters flow heavily from them and reach thousands of cubic meters.

The waterfalls in khenifra are surround by many highlands and rocks, in addition to many green spaces that decorate the waterfalls and give them a picturesque appearance.

There are many wooden houses that have no doors, that are equipped with the old Amazigh style. Tourists prefer to stay in these houses or rent them, in order to watch the waterfalls and their surroundings.

Also you can find a lot od chefs who cook traditional Amazigh foods such as bread and tajine. Tourists usually go in the spring and summer than winter and autumn to get more waterfalls, due to the mild weather in both seasons.


Medina, Khenifra
Medina, Khenifra

Khenifra ‘s Medina is far from the scenic nature areas, but it has many distinct streets that attract Tourism in morocco. However, It owns a group of commercial streets that includes a group of stores that provide all the needs of tourists with products.

also it has many gift and souvenir stores that tourists can purchase from it at great prices. There is an area in Medina called the Old Market or “Soq El-Qdim” in Arabic, which is an area that sells old things that are suitable for use.

Moreover, Prices in Medina are between cheap and medium, which makes it a shopping area suitable for all groups.

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