7 Cool Places to Visit in Nador Morocco in 2021

Nador (Arabic: الناظور) is a coastal town and provincial funding from the northeast Rif area of Morocco with a population of approximately 161,726 (2014 report). It’s separated by the Mediterranean Sea with way of a salt lagoon called Sebkha Bou Areq, Bḥar Ameẓẓyan (Berber Amazigh) or Mar chica (Spanish) and can be 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south east of this Spanish town of Melilla.

Nador was set from the 19th century also has been under spain rule before Morocco’s independence in 1956. Nador Province has over 600,000 people, chiefly of Riff-Berber ethnicity. if you’re abroad morocco you can visit it Direct through aeroport nador al Aroui.

This is a list of The absolute best Things to do will have you falling in love with Nador City.

Walking in the Corniche

Corniche Nador
Corniche de Nador

Without a doubt if you Travel to Nador you need to hang out to this unique place, that attracted attention from tourists, excellent spot, gives un opinion of their lagune marchica and city bettewen sea so additionally atalayoun, it’s living, very safe and secure, organized and clean, together with appeals for individuals of diverse ages, but only trail usually the person could utilize to roam, conduct and maybe even bicycling. Thank you marchica for your service.

Charrana Beach, Nador

Charrana Beach, Nador
Charrana Beach Nador

The shore of Charana or even Dashrana or that which the people of this village of Bani Shiker call it that the lake is located north of Melilla. Its boundaries extend into the communities of Izzana and Farkhana, and it is really a nice tribal property of their Bani Shaker, state of Nador. Usage of Charana necessitates crossing out of an unpaved incline and out of rough bends and stones. A glorious character of hills, terraces, agricultural and temples areas propagate one of small hills.

which makes it a favourite sanctuary for most Spaniards surviving in Melilla, specially ideal for people who possesses cars which can be good for this sort of rocky land. This shore is distinguished by its own thickness that will not exceed fifty per cent of a meter, seen as an quietness, tranquility and tranquility of this area. Many families would rather simply take their kids on summer vacation to enjoy swimming without the fear of drowning.

Marchica Nador

Marchica Nador
Marchica Nador

A Delightful relaxing walk over the lagoon marina side in the city. located in the front of Nador corniche and beside Port Beni Ansar, it’s Great to find a sea breeze from the heat of the summer. Some pubs / restaurants and cafes on road side. Very busy in the evenings together with families as heat of this afternoon to day goes. It’s really a terrific all-natural parc and elaborate one and infrequent on earth thoroughly clean and knowed with all types of birds coming to the global, also it gives a good impression to the visitor especially with the power of weather nador which is Great to!

Beach El Kallat

Beach El Kallat nador
Beach El Kallat

El Kallat Beach, part of the municipality of Iaazzanen, is a popular sandy beach located between two cliffs 34 km west of the city of Nador. It stretches for 4.5 km, bordered by a forest cordon and partially degraded in some places due to the extraction of its sand.

This beach is characterized by the quality of the bathing water, clean atmosphere, the isolated nature and the degree of attendance linked mainly to the seaside activity and sport fishing during weekends and during summer.

Souk Oulad Mimoun (for Shopping)

Souk Oulad Mimoun nador
Souk Oulad Mimoun

This place it is fantastic for shops, you can discovered all of the Spanish products bought from Melilla with convenient prices and higher quality you are able to negotiated the cost since is not a fix cost.

Additionally, it is really a wonderful souk (market) for individuals Travelled, it is not overly costly with low price. This Market can offer customers possibility to purchase anything : vegetables, fruit, clothing, Moroccan Kaftan, electronics, multifunctional mechanical, and much more.

Visit “I Heart Nador”

i love nador

Give into the tourist on Your Own and Present for a picture shot. Require one from all instructions to record the developments so that one evening, you may demonstrate it to other people and assert that you have already been to Nador back if it is still a quaint town with fewer vacationers.

Also the view with the nador beach which gives a high picture beauty to share with your friends as souvenir moment, in other way it sign seems like it says happy nador which is so

More Places to Vsit Around

Things to do in Nador
Ras El Ma nador

Plage cap l’eau or Ras El Ma (85 kilometers )- a fishing village having extended shore and cliffs. It’s mixed reviews however. Monte Gurugu (30 kilometers )- also called “Mont Gourougou” — among the Rif mountains, also situated before the lagoon.

There is an old Spanish fort during its summit, amazing waterfalls and woods with beautiful landscapes. Know that in certain regions, you will find African American migrants nearly living there, awaiting the opportunity to cross Europe, a different narrative.

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Eventually, Nador is a beautiful city destination and really worth a special trip in or a planned travel of a summer vacation, it’s a largest city and common between moroccans because it contains all the things that you need such beaches, Hotels, rent local home or restaurant to eat. There’s more places to visit in northeastern of Morocco cities such as Al Hoceima or oujda that we already give a complete guide about these places that i highly recommend you to read.