11 BEST Asian Restaurants in Casablanca: Food Guide

Casablanca is a bustling city that has restaurants for every taste. Whether you are looking for fine dining, traditional Moroccan cuisine, or something in between there is no shortage of cuisine to choose from. Especially if you visit Casablanca at night.

In this guide we highlight the best asian restaurants in Casablanca and include tips on where to find the food that will satisfy your cravings!

Korean Restaurants

Seoul garden

Seoul garden is an korean asian restaurant

Seoul garden is an Asian restaurant in Casablanca that offers traditional Korean food. It is very comfortable and has an Asian feel. It just feels right. The best part is the Korean pop music that you hear on the TV, it feels like a mix of Korean drama and 80’s music. I don’t know what happened but the food is good. Overall, you will enjoy the experience and will definitely bring your friends.

Seoul garden offers takeout food!


Shu korean restaurant in casablanca

We can Define SHU food in words like Different colors, different tastes, all equally resplendent. Highly recommended! Breathtaking dishes, decoration with breathtaking colors and service worthy of the name. a highly recommended Korean restaurant in casablanca.

Newly opened! Very clean, this wonderfully appointed establishment, neat decoration, friendly welcome, refined cuisine, irreproachable presentation of the dishes, delicious shusis, lots of choice, Friendly staff, it was an irreproachable lunch. I think you will be back with great happiness & Unforgettable moments.


Osowa restaurant in Casablanca

Osowa is a great restaurant! The food is amazing and the staff is very friendly.

You absolutely need to visit it and again you’ll never be disappointed. They have the best food in town, with a menu including tteokbokki (my personal favorite) and fried chicken (but everything else is delicious) . It also offers delivery options.

Their terrace is a perfect place to relax and feel calm. It is so peaceful and the vibes here are amazing, I love it! It’s so peaceful!

Japanese Restaurants


Yawatcha is a Japanese restaurant in casablanca morocco

Yawatcha is a Japonaise restaurant based in Casablanca. It has a sweet atmosphere inside for their guests. The best part about the Yawatcha is that they offer reasonable prices and great service. It’s pretty cheap compared to other restaurants in Casablanca.

One of the best or rather the Perfect Thaï Dinner in Casablanca! It’s so good going from shushis to pad thai to dessert. Banoffee is extremely delicious!

Kani Sushi

Kani Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in casablanca morocco

Another Japanese Restaurant in Casablanca is waiting for you. It is delicious, with great Bentos and lunch boxes. The Sushi boxes are also amazing with salads , especially the Kani Box or Special Box. Staff are pretty favourable.

It’s gonna be a fantastic experience there with your family with some Japanese food culture with one of the best sushi in Casablanca with high quality taste!

Chinese Restaurants

Golden China

Golden China one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Casablanca region

If you’re looking for Chinese food Casablanca, maybe Golden China is for you, it’s a good eating place with decent prices, and it offers great service. you should definitely go if you are in Casablanca, Morocco.

The foodstuffs at this place are amazing and they have really cool cocktails! They offer an Authentic taste with Chinese hot chili sauce available upon request.

Le Nouveau Dragon

Le Nouveau Dragon Chinese Restaurant

This is the place to go if you’re tired of Moroccan food. The shrimp spring rolls were delicious and crispy. My craving for green beans was satisfied by the delicious green beans. The Heineken beer and fried rice noodles with chicken were a hit. The service and price were excellent.

Without a doubt you’ll love the Asian kitchen there, with the ambrosial seafood. The staff were helpful and the portions were larger than usual. They also charged fair prices.

He Ping

He Ping chinese restaurant in casablanca

He Ping is a Chinese restaurant where you’ll eat all the traditional dishes.

The food is very tasty and well done, it’s one of my favorite outdoor seating in Casablanca! I love their dim sum which are delicious to share with friends or family members. You will be really satisfied by this Chinese cuisine experience. Moreover, they serve a lot of good cocktails that you like!

Indian Restaurants

India Palace

india palace restaurant in casablanca

It’s always a pleasure to come here for a delicious, comfortable, healthy meal. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy Indian cooking. You’ll find your way, no matter what you eat. The cheese naan is to die for! It’s definitely worth checking out.

India Palace is the best place in Morocco to find authentic Indian food, I’m sure you’ll like it especially if you’re from South Asia.

Clay Oven

Clay Oven in Casablanca with indian food

Clay Oven has a wide selection of dishes including chicken, lamb and goat as well as vegetarian and vegan options. They also offer a variety of sweets and desserts made from authentic Indian recipes. No matter what your taste buds are, Clay Oven will satisfy them all.

Although there aren’t many Indian restaurants in the Casablanca region to compare with, you’ll enjoy the Indian food with the feeling of Indian dining. It will always be your favorite choice in Casablanca.

Bombay Palace

Bombay Palace casablanca

This place will delight you if you love good food. It’s a must-visit restaurant if you love Indian cuisine. You’ll have a lot of choices such as vegetable biryani, butter chicken, and tikka masala. It is delicious. Gonna be a favorite place.

However, there’s many ideal dishes Like the naans with garlic and cheese. You can also try the mango lassi, it’s delicious. You will enjoy every savor!