5 Absolute Best beaches in Al Hoceima, Morocco

Al Hoceima city has a group of the most wonderful beaches that qualify it from other cities, Here are our picks for Top 5 beaches in Al Hoceima of aquatic beauty

where the charming nature aspects of the turquoise waters that sparkle like gems, soft white sand, calm sunlight that visitors, and the fresh air that is characterized by its fragrant smell, in addition to a variety of places Tourism in the charming Al Hoceima beach.

It receive a massive Tourist Traffic every summer, cause of it’s beauty and epic sea. if you’re asking where are the best beaches in morocco you need to read this.

Al Hoceima Playa Quemado

quemado beach al hoceima

if you’re asking what to do in Al Hoceima here is a One of the extraordinarily beaches in North Morocco, A few meters from “Mohamed VI Square”, which is considered one of the most important beaches in Al Hoceima as a tourist icons that characterize the city.

Quemado Beach overlooks Mount Morro Pejo, which gives it a bright view, it is one of the most targeted beaches in hot climates during the summer season. Aslo, there are many hotels and resorts facing this Brilliant beach, It is a place worth visiting actually.

Matadero Beach

It is one of the most magnificent & gorgeous beaches of Al Hoceima maybe The best morocco beaches, where it’s well known by its clear blue waters, fresh air and brilliant sky, and many activities can be carried out in this wonderful beach where there is the sport of rowing with small individual boats.

You can enjoy Ship riding, colorful fishing, diving, and swimming, as it is one of the most extremely beautiful beaches suitable for families. Moreover, it’s just a 1.5 km away from Al Hoceima city center.

Calabonita Beach

Calabonita Beach surrounded by rocks in al hoceima morocco
Calabonita Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Al Hoceima in the summer is that attracts many Moroccans and outside tourists, and visitors can enjoy an imaginary atmosphere of recreation and relaxation in the warm sunlight.

Some people are camping near the Calabonita beach, and there have been many developments in recent times, where many cafes have spread near it, and it is 2 km from Al Hoceima playa.

Tala Youssef Beach

Tala Youssef Beach

If you’re looking for a good beaches in Al Hoceima, maybe tala youssef is a pretty choice. Moreover, It’s one of the coolest beaches of Al Hoceima, which is characterized by its clean water and bright sunshine. It offers many fun sports, you can rent jet skis, and it provides a group of professionals who monitor the vacationers to protect them and keep them from drowning.

By crossing this beach you will encounter a bar of restaurants and cafes, which are newly built kiosks specializing in preparing sardines roasted on charcoal and cooked fish, which gives visitors to this beach an opportunity to eat a delicious meal of fish in the open air and meters away from the sea water.

The beach has a group of luxurious cafes and restaurants that provide distinguished services for visitors, and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco that suit the new grooms due to its romantic atmosphere. However, it’s just a 6.4 km away from hoceima plage.

Boussekour Beach

Boussekour Beach

on of the Great Beaches in al hoceima, Moreover, it’s special by its mixture between the serenity of the sea and the calmness of the mountain, where its visitors can enjoy breathtaking views that they will not find elsewhere, including the origin of its name, which means in the Amazigh “Partridge”. Which Al Hoceima people call it on everything beautiful.

The beach is located within the earthy influence of the “Izmourn” group, near the National Park, northwest of Al Hoceima. However, its attractive nature has made it a good place for many Moroccan, Arab and European tourists race, and it is also one of the main summer destinations that King Mohammed VI intended for camping.

What are the Best Beaches in Al Hoceima ?

What is The Most Visited Beach in Al Hoceima ?

Quemado Beach is one of the most targeted beaches in hot climates during the summer season. Aslo, there are many hotels and resorts facing this Brilliant beach, It is a place worth visiting actually.