5 Best Places to Visit Around Marrakech – ULTIMATE GUIDE

Without a doubt, Marrakech is one of the best Moroccan cities to visit, because it contains beautiful places such as “Jemaa el-Fna,” “Menara Gardens” with many natural and historical marrakech tourist attractions, but now I’m going to show you 5 Best Places to Visit Marrakech, Let’s Get Started.

1. Ourika valley

Ourika valley is one of the Best Places to Visit Around Marrakech cause of the river and montains
Ourika valley

If you’re asking, is Marrakech ( maraches ) worth visiting or not? Maybe you need to Think about Ourika Valley, it’s known with crystalline pottery and minerals with fantastic mountain views, It is 40 km away from Marrakech so that you can catch it less than 1 hour, you have to take a public bus that is going to costs you around $1 or rent a car with for approximately $5

This area has cold weather, whatever the season was, making it open to visit all the year. It is considered one of the most preferred areas for Marrakech residents to spend their holidays, as well as foreign tourists. It is a refuge to get away from the noise and relaxation in nature, where the fresh air and flowing waterfalls are creating a comfortable, silent voice. 

2. Setti Fatma Waterfalls

Setti Fatma Waterfalls, Marrakech
Setti Fatma Waterfalls

Are you in Marrakech now? you should visit Setti Fatma, You can reach it within walking distance from the main village of the same name. However, it is easy for you to enter the lower levels of the waterfalls; the higher parts will require some climb over the rocks.

here is an expert advice to enjoy the charm of these waterfalls, Plan your visit early before it gets hot especially if you are in the summer months. in order to take beautiful photos there, and seeing many birds and other wildlife awaits you. 

Also close to waterfalls, you can find better places for eating delicious food and the seating areas for rest.

3. The Ouzoud Waterfalls

Landscape Ouzoud Waterfall Morocco Falls

if you’re looking for things to do in marrakech, You need to know that Ouzoud Waterfalls is the most popular Moroccan Falls direction for tourists from inside and abroad throughout the year. one of the Best Places to Visit Around Marrakech.

The waterfalls are located in the village of Tanagilite in the city of Azilal, in the High Atlas Mountains, it’s a 150KM northeast of Marrakech, The Ouzoud region identified by a healthy climate and pretty green areas, including plants and animals.

Ouzoud waterfalls are four valleys that fall in two stages, Also it is considered one of the highest waterfalls in northern Africa where it reaches a height of 100 meters, The waters of Ouzoud River meet in one stream, flowing about one kilometer in Oued El Abid River, the main branch of the Oum Er-Rbia River.

The summer and spring months are supposed to be one of the best times to visit Ouzoud waterfalls, where all tourist visits during the summer months when the temperatures are warmer, in the meantime going to the mountains is one of the most important goals, in May, April and May, are one of the most beautiful times to visit waterfalls.

4. Oukaimeden


This area is a mountainous region, most of the people living there are Berber. It is 74 km from Marrakech, and the height of this mountain is 3,200 meters. Therefore, The summit is almost always get cover with the snow. Moreover, it falls heavily from the beginning of the month of November to the end of April of each year. which is an increidble Marrakech Weather.

Mount Oukaimeden conquers its arrivals with snowfall. additionally, is one of the best spot for Moroccan and foreign tourists. to practice their hobbies and sports activities related to skiing & enjoy natural mountain scenery

Oukaimeden has good traditional cafes and restaurants serving it with the most active creation, still a pretty pick in our Best Places to Visit Around Marrakech.

5. Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains Atlas Mountains Morocco

You can’t Explore Morocco without visit Atlas Mountains. because they are consider as one of the best places to visit Around Marrakech of tourist.

the importance of the Atlas Mountains is due to its wonderful natural beauty. after all, where caves and waterfalls descend on its rocks give it a wonderful beauty landscape. It still a good choice inside our Best Places to Visit Around Marrakech article.

In addition, we advise you to climb Tasmeet Highlands. moreover, the important thing that is recognize as one of the largest dinosaur cemeteries in the world, that has ben discovered of a complete skeleton of a dinosaur back to the Jurassic period. However, It is now on display at the Museum of Earth Sciences in Rabat.