10 Best Things to do in Casablanca at night

Casablanca is one of the largest cities in Morocco and the economic capital. If you are looking for something fun to do at night, here are some great suggestions that will make your visit to Casablanca unforgettable!

Casablanca, like other big cities in Morocco , Located between Rabat & El Jadida, comes with many charming places to visit and  enjoy a nice evening walk. Things to do in Casablanca at night are basically the same as what you can enjoy during the day, but there is a thing that always makes me feel good about visiting this city: its people . Moroccan hospitality remains unparalleled and even if they don’t speak English or French (I’m still learning!) I find myself

Old Medina

old medina of casablanca

First, go to the Old Medina and enjoy a glass of tea at one of many charming cafes. The Old Medina is surrounded by magnificent white buildings with blue doors that look amazing when illuminated in the evening sun! You can also take a walk along the Atlantic beachfront promenade for breathtaking views over the Hassan II Mosque.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is such a lovely place at night  because you can admire this amazing mosque from many different angles.

The Hassan II Mosque on Fridays offers an incredible opportunity if you want to see this wonderful Building from inside. Things get busy, so make sure you buy your ticket in advance!

Be sure to have your camera ready! You cannot leave Casablanca without going up the Water Tower and enjoying some of the best views in all of Morocco. Some people find it a bit scary to climb, but don’t worry.

Casablanca Corniche

Casablanca Corniche

Casablanca corniche is a highly recommended area by most travelers, because it’s the most popular place to see at night  because you can listen to the sound of waves and enjoy fresh air. There are also many restaurants there so it is a unique place for dinner after sunset!

Visit Casablanca during Ramadan if possible. Not only will you be able to try delicious food as stalls appear on every corner in addition to what is already available, so don’t miss this chance every night!

United Nations Square

United Nations Square in Casablanca

United Nations Square is also another outstanding place to visit at night . There are many events that take place there and it is also a great location to watch the sun go down.

It’s a very lively area and there are more than a restaurant, cafes and things to do so it’s perfect for after dinner strolls.

City Centre mall

Casablanca Mall

The Casablanca night’s weather is suitable for shopping purposes, Ocean City Centre mall has everything! It’s open until late too which makes it perfect for evening window-shopping market or even just a spot of dinner with friends afterwards. But remember not to bring any alcohol as no drinks are allowed inside the mall itself.

Mahkamat al-Pasha

Mahkamat al-Pasha located in Al-Ahbas neighborhood, it’s a Fantastic place to visit when it’s dark in Casablanca, the beautiful blue-light lit area provides a fantastic atmosphere. It is also surrounded by street food stalls and Moroccan cafes so after dinner you can just wander over for some nibbles or drink with friends!

Mohammed V square

Mohammed V square is still a perfect night spot in Casablanca with it’s her fountain  and stunning white buildings. Things I love about visiting the square at night is that it always has a cool breeze and there’s usually less crowds then during the day so you can just chill out on one of its many benches for an hour or two before heading back to your hotel!

Habous quarter

If you are still confused about things to do in Casablanca at night maybe you need to check the Casablanca Habous quarter . It’s a super Traditional place to visit at night especially if you’re looking for some delicious Moroccan food. The quarter is full of restaurants and cafes, most of them surrounded by stunning architecture.

Cinema Megarama

it’s gonna be such a cool experience! it’s a great place for watching a movie with a popcorn, it’s clean, good food service, it has many features, it should be in our Casablanca’s night list.

Casablanca Nightclubs

nighclubs crowd

Another important point that makes Casablanca such an interesting city at night are the bars and nightclubs, where you can find Elegant, Modern, Cocktail Bar and more. In order to enjoy your night out you definitely need to visit at least one of them. 

Eventually, Casablanca at night may be is the most underrated places to visit but definitely worth going back again and again – especially Ramadan when things really start enjoying. You absolutely need a 2nd travel plan to visit all the rest of places in Casablanca.