6 BEST Things To do in Clarksville Indiana

Clarksville is a town in Clark County, Indiana, United States, along the Ohio River and is a part of the Louisville Metropolitan area. 

Clarksville city is one of those places where you will never run out of things to do. With all the history, people, cultures, and restaurants to be discovered, outdoor activities, you could spend a lifetime in Indiana and still want to explore more!

Sure, as a traveler you won’t be able to tick off everything in this list in a single visit. Let’s Discover the best things to do in Clarksville In :

Falls of the Ohio State Park

Falls of the Ohio State Park clarksville
Falls of the Ohio State Park

This is a state park with a variety of recreational activities. There is an interpretive center on the site with information about the fossils. There is a path that leads down to the river where there are lots of fossils exposed. We were able to observe deer and a variety of birds while taking a walk through the woods.

Birding is permitted in this area. Within walking distance is the historic Clark homesite, where there is a cabin. People were also fishing when we were there. A walk around the interpretive center provides information and a great view of the railroad bridge, dam, and locks.

Clarksville history is my favorite! It is easy to forget that 200 years ago this was the frontier. In particular, I am interested in the conflicts between native Americans and the first settlers. A visit to this park provided a window into this world.

I found the museum to be modern and filled with details about local history, such as the formation of the Ohio River, interactions between Indians and settlers, and the beginnings of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Our tour included a visit to George Rogers Clark’s cabin overlooking the Ohio Falls. It was here that Lewis and Clark met before they embarked on their historic journey. 

Vendors Village

Vendors Village clarksville
Vendors Village clarksville

if you’re still confused about what to do in Clarksville Indiana, you need to take a look on this place, In passing through Terre Haute, I wanted to stop at JC Penney’s, which is located in an older mall close to the interstate. As we strolled through the mall we came across The Village, located in a former anchor department store.

The display shop at the entrance of the wood village attracted our attention. In total, there are about 400 vendor booths, most of which were enjoyable to visit. It was well-lit and clean weather, as well as well-organized. The use of a large, unused space is excellent.

Honey Creek Mall is home to Vendors Village, which used to be a shopping flagship store. Their booths are currently available for rent to vendors. Despite the fact that there are many booths with quality antiques, this is not an antique mall. There will also be a number of booths with new products (honey, soup, candles, etc.) as well as crafts (wreaths, signs, décor, etc.).

It is a good place to find a wide variety of items. It has an entrance on the outside and is also open to the inside of Honey Creek Mall which has a good number of shops. As more vendors come on board, it will become even more beautiful. It is a great opportunity for sellers, so I expect it to fill up quickly. This Village is one of Clarksville’s most popular shopping area.

Long Toss Indiana

Long Toss Indiana clarksville
Long Toss Indiana

This was our second visit to Long Toss in Clarksville within a short period of time. The friend who took me and a few others to my bachelor party only knew that bats would be present. I expected an indoor batting cage where I could hit a few balls and call it a day. Wow, I was mistaken, it is a complete indoor training facility. All types of training facilities are available, from batting cages to pitching mounds.

It was, however, the indoor game simulator that was the crown jewel for us. A device called Hit Trax is available in this establishment, which gives you the opportunity to step up, hit the ball, and see where it will land. In Wrigley Field, we played a home run derby and then played a few games of 3 on 3 in professional stadiums.

We gathered our monthly crew and played two 5 on 5 games. Anyone looking to have some fun, improve their hitting skills, or just to see how far they can hit a ball is advised to check it out.

Kopp’s Lakes

Kopp's Lakes clarksville indiana
Kopp’s Lakes

The Peace of God’s Country located just minutes away from traffic lights offers a peaceful, relaxing break from the busy craziness of daily life. My husband and I chose this venue primarily for that reason. 

With deer off to the right of the ceremony, the day was perfect! We were able to hold our reception in the shelter house, which includes a fully equipped kitchen. Volleyball, horseshoes, and fishing followed, which gave our guests the opportunity to spend some quality time together. 

Look in on the lakes for a relaxing break. Also, anyone looking to host their special day at Kopp’s fishing Lakes who is looking for a rustic setting should consider reserving Kopp’s Fishing Lakes.

It could be the most charming spot in our attractions list.

Paoli Peaks

Paoli Peaks snow
Paoli Peaks clarksville

Clarksville Indiana tourists And travelers should be sure to check out Paoli Peaks, When you first encounter snow, there is nothing quite like the feeling of trying to stand on your feet, then practicing and practicing until you finally accomplish it! It’s like riding a bicycle, once you get the hang of it, there is no stopping you!

Paoli Peaks is an ideal place to spend some time with the entire family during the winter months.

It is possible to try alpine skiing, snowboarding, and even snow tubing! There are 45,000 square feet of modern ski and snowboard equipment, as well as cafes, coffee shops, and rentals. There is a whole ski world here!

Snow tubing is pretty fun, and if you have never done it, you must remember the first time you started sliding down those slopes! The slopes are snow covered, and you can zoom down them like you are on a magical winter wonderland carpet! Alternatively, the actual escalator will take you back to the top so you can do it again without having to climb!

Our friendly staff will assist you every step of the way, from what type of tickets to purchase to which slopes are best for you.

Additionally, it is never too late to learn how to ski especially in Clarksville, so you can always enroll in a group lesson or take the Discovery for Beginners lesson, which allows you to work at your own pace around a course until you have mastered every aspect.

Atlantis Waterpark

Atlantis Waterpark indiana
Atlantis Waterpark

Other favorite things to do in Clarksville Indiana with kids is to visit Atlantis water park with “small thrills”. With four children ages 3- 11, it was the perfect place for our family. Everything was very clean, the staff were very friendly and helpful, the food was excellent and reasonably priced, and there were shaded areas available. It was a lot of fun to slide down the four slides, and the children’s area had five small slides that our children enjoyed. For those seeking thrilling rides, it may not be the best place, however, for us it provided a perfect day!

Diamond and roller waves are generated in multiple patterns, which is similar to playing in the ocean waves along a sunny beach. Slides Mount Olympus tower soars 43′ in the air and offers four slides that offer over a quarter mile of a slippery twisting adventure before plummeting safely into the pool beneath.

Additionally, Atlantis Clarksville has a little tikes to access to their own sea world, King Neptune’s Cove. There is ample room for play safely and peacefully with 6,000 square feet of space. Only children who are 40 inches or shorter can enter and must be accompanied by an adult. Which made it one of the best parks in Clarksville to enjoy.