7 EPIC Things To do in Loveland, Ohio

Loveland is a city in Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren counties in the southwestern part of the U.S. state of Ohio. Located in the Greater Cincinnati area,

Since Loveland is one of the the largest cities in Ohio, there is a wide selection of exciting attractions to explore & Things to do, including outdoor activities, Hotels, shopping districts, lakes, historic landmarks, and near places.

Learn about the top tourist attractions & Things To do in Loveland, Ohio with our list of the best places to visit.

Loveland Castle

Things to do in Loveland Castle ohio
Loveland Castle ohio

The Norman castle was hand-built by the owner, Harry Andrews, using river stones and  recycled materials. It is evident that this building was constructed with great care, ingenuity, and imagination. In recreating the castle on the banks of the Little Miami, he paid attention to many details. Our castle keepers, the Knights of the Golden Trail, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. It is a must-see at any time of the  year.

Kids of all ages will enjoy visiting this Loveland’s historical landmarks… We toured the castle and were amazed by the amount of work that was done by one individual over the course of his lifetime. Such tenacity! It was very interesting to watch the video and hear Harry Andrews speak about the construction of the castle.

There are three levels to tour, and the grounds can be explored. This would be a special

place for anyone in the area to visit. We would like to caution you that some of the stairways may be difficult for individuals with strollers or walkers.

Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella loveland
Lake Isabella Loveland

The fish don’t seem to understand that my son is a fisherman. Lake Isabella changed  his fortunes, and with several large catfish under his belt, he is now very content. Permits are a little pricey for a teen that seems to be drawn to the boathouse every weekend, but the friendly, helpful staff at the boathouse are wonderful, and even shore fishing usually yields at least one bite that keeps him happy. I could say it is one of the most beautiful Loveland things to do for a family outing.

Walking along The Loveland Lake Isabella after it has snowed is like walking through a painting of a winter landscape. As you walk along the river you will see ice float by, or you can simply sit in your car and watch the birds fly by.

Narrow Path Brewing

Narrow Path Brewing loveland ohio
Narrow Path Brewing

If you’re confused about what to do in Loveland Ohio, This one’s for you. A relaxed place to enjoy a cold beer after a brisk walk, bike ride, or run from the car. Nice selection of home-brewed beverages. There have also been some celebrities there. 

This brewery is fantastic, and it is the perfect addition to the quaint downtown area. The  best part is that they make outstanding beer. They offer a rotating selection of different  beers. It is always possible to find something for everyone. The staff is extremely friendly  and knowledgeable about the beer and the area. They sometimes have food trucks present and allow other food to be brought in.

It is amazing what a good pint of beer, a few picnic tables, and uncommon kindness can accomplish in building community. Loveland’s Narrow Path Brewing is on the right track

Loveland Bike Trail

Loveland Bike Trail
Loveland Bike Trail

Since 1984, the Loveland Bike Trail has been part of the Little Miami Scenic Way in Loveland, Ohio. The railroad in this area began providing passenger and freight service between Loveland and Cincinnati in 1842.

Currently, it is an excellent location for biking, hiking, skating or, as we did, just taking a leisurely stroll. Pets are permitted as long as they are on a leash. Did you not bring your bicycle(s) with you? No worries as you can rent a number of different types from  Loveland Bike Rental located across from the Little Miami Scenic River and Trail Center  on Railroad Avenue.


Escapology loveland ohio
Escapology loveland

This was our first time visiting Loveland Escapology and we had a Fabulous time. We purchased our tickets through Groupon in order to save some money. We chose a beginners course (Assassination Express!) and it was perfect for our group. In just 59 minutes, phew, that was close. Good news is that we had a blast and would highly recommend it. 

Several helping nudges were required along the way (3), but in the end, the President was saved and the train was saved. The employee (Jena Sand) was Awesome and so helpful. The instructions were clear and all questions were answered. I look forward to doing it again, perhaps the intermediate course as well. 

We complied with the rules and did not use our phones or take any pictures or videos. Jena took a picture of our group at the end and emailed it to us. Make great memories with a keepsake. Thank you again for having a fun & exciting evening in Loveland.

Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

Greater Cincinnati Police Museum
Greater Cincinnati Police Museum

The Police Museum 22 Miles Away from Loveland Town, you can reach it after 28 min of route.

Dan, a retired and volunteer police officer, guided our tour. An extremely knowledgeable individual, with an abundance of personal stories to add to the displaced items. You will have numerous opportunities to take pictures of your tour to share and enjoy again and again. It is well worth the time and money to tour the galleries.

The retired police officers are very knowledgeable about the history of Cincinnati and the creation of the police department. The tour is very informative. It was a great experience for my children and I.

Segway of Cincinnati

Segway of Cincinnati ohio
Segway of Cincinnati

Ride a Segway i2 personal vehicle on a guided tour of downtown Cincinnati, the Riverfront or one of the most beautiful public parks (Eden Park). All tours are by appointment only and are open to individuals 16 years of age and older.

Our Riverfront Segway tour was a great experience. Brett, our guide, could not have been nicer, more knowledgeable, and always put our safety first. There was so much to see that I wish it could have lasted all afternoon, and I am looking forward to attending more tours! It would be a great choice for both locals and visitors to Cincinnati.

What is the Most Visited Place in Loveland ?

The Loveland Castle considered as the Most Visited Place, cause of it’s Historical landmark Value in Ohio State