6 BEST Things To Do In Wexford, PA

Nothing compares to diving into the best things to do in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Every self-respecting Wexford and visitor should experience the essential bucket list here, with all the eye candy attractions and landmarks, the great lifestyle of arts, outdoor activities, restaurants, and bars, and incomparable character that make this one of the finest cities in the world. 

The County Wexford is an unincorporated community located in the West-central part of Pennsylvania, United states, at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. In Wexford, August, June, and September are the most pleasant months, while January and February are the least pleasant.

Wexford General Store Antiques

Wexford General Store Antiques pa
Wexford pa antique center

I am in love with this place. Many of the rooms and displays are so charming. I found so many interesting items to examine, including old toys, tin cans, crocks, kitchen items, crystal, tea sets, etc.

 After two hours of walking through the building, I still missed a number of things. There are some high prices, but they are not excessive. Owners were friendly and helpful when searching for a specific item. There are two floors and when you think you are at the end, there is another  room or hall. Definitely coming back again!

We were pleasantly surprised by this antique store. We have been antique dealers for over 30 years, and this item is a real gem. A wide variety of high quality items are available. Regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert, there is something for you. I would strongly recommend paying this business a visit.

Knob Hill Disc Golf Course

Knob Hill Disc Golf Course wexford
Knob Hill Disc Golf Course

When I was walking in Wexford, I played a round on this course. In terms of distance, the white teas are not bad, however the blue teas present a greater challenge. There are few tightly wooded shots and most holes are open, though elevation plays a significant role on nearly every hole close to some Wexford hotels. I have never seen better signs with both white and blue pads. Additionally, there were three different pin locations in each hole. In the future, I plan to return to play here.

Cranberry has a great 18-hole disc golf course. Several renovations have been carried out since my last visit. Most of the ‘Pro’ tees are adorned with  stones outlining the runway. Clearly marked paths.

It feels well maintained as well as a great deal of ‘crowdsourced’ work, such as outlining the paths with tree branches to ensure that they are clearly marked. Additionally, the next tee location is clearly marked after you have completed a hole, which is not always apparent with all disc golf courses

There is a good balance between challenging holes and more manageable ones.

Some of the holes require a significant climb up or down a hill. The course does not have any flat areas. The paths in the woods are clearly marked and easy to  follow.

There are garbage receptacles almost at every hole, so no need to carry garbage for long distances. No courses are offered over water. It is also a very popular course, so you can expect to encounter a significant amount of traffic if you visit it during a peak  time (weekends).

True REST Float Spa

True REST Float Spa wexford
True REST Float Spa

It’s amazing. I have been fascinated by sensory deprivation tanks since I first heard about them, years ago. This experience was 100% worth it. It is a very  relaxing and unique experience.

 I totally recommend it to anyone thinking about Wexford Trip! After your float, they have an oxygen bar. I know it’s a gimmick, but it’s still cool. They were also very helpful and informative. Consider purchasing your first float from Groupon, you will save a considerable amount of money.

The customer service team is excellent. Everyone was very friendly. They explained everything step by step and brought me a cup of hot honey vanilla tea to help me start to relax before the float. The first time you go for a float, you will watch a short movie explaining how you should relax your body and mind once you are floating inside the pod. 

Then you go back and take a shower, washing your hair and body to remove all oils, lotions, makeup and hair products. Then you float for an hour in a pod containing 10” of water and 1,000 pounds of epsom salt. You will definitely float. It is a sensory-deprivation experience, no lights, no sounds, just free floating.

 It is to be compared to floating in the mother’s womb. The float starts and ends with music playing, so you know when the music plays the second time, the float time is nearing an end. Then after the float you shower again to remove the salt from your hair and skin.

Soergel Orchards

Soergel Orchards wexford
Soergel Orchards

if you’re looking for places to go in Wexford, you absolutely needs to visit Soergel, it consistently provided me with excellent service. Since I was a child, I have been going there. How much are the prices? It is true that they are on the higher end, but I am willing to pay for the quality and the outstanding  customer service. 

There is more to this place than a typical farmer’s market. It is a place where you can spend many hours. The drive to this destination can take an hour or more for some people.

 As well as the food, the environment is excellent. Feel free to sample the wine or browse the craft shop. The restaurant even offers a bakery, a favorite of mine, as well as ice cream cones, as my wife did. It is all here for you, so what are you waiting for?

XGolf Wexford

XGolf Wexford pa
xgolf simulator wexford pa

A new place to practice your putting is now available in western Pennsylvania for golfers and gamers.

In Wexford, X-Golf, an indoor entertainment facility featuring golf simulators, is slated to open soon.

Players at the franchise location can play virtual golf games, thus enjoying golfing while indoors. Each of the six golf simulators at the Wexford location offers a range of golf games, including Long Drives, Par 3 courses, kid-friendly courses, and more. In addition to measuring ball direction, ball speed, and launch angle, each simulator offers golfers the opportunity to choose courses from around the globe.

Excellent weather and cool technology. There is no need for you to bend over to place the ball on the tee-the machine does it for you. We played on a high-quality simulator that looked very much like the real thing (we played on Pebble Beach). The full-service bar is what really puts it over the top. I thoroughly enjoyed spending a few hours away from the cold and gray of Pittsburgh.

Dive Bar & Grille

Dive Bar & Grille wexford pa

Dive has become our go to restaurant. The Fry Bowls are amazing as are the fried mushrooms.  On a much healthier note, the Grilled Caesar can be a winner.  They have happy hour food and drink specials – this is a superb spot to watch the Pirates!  Most of all, the staff offers outstanding service!  You won’t be disappointed.  I would like to recommend them!

When my spouse suggested a dive bar in Lawrenceville close to Wexford, I was a bit hesitant.  How wrong I was!  We had been advised Pittsburgh is a pleasant place, and the Dive Bar and Grille, and particularly the female bartender we met, so certainly lived up to that reputation.

  I really hope I got her name, and that I could thank her for her great understanding of the regional brews and her advice on all the special places to visit in Pittsburgh.