Complete Travel Guide to Agadir, Morocco

Agadir and its surroundings like Taghazout have always been my favorite place to reboot myself and get ready to tackle life again after spending a few days there.

The city of Agadir lined with its paradisiac beaches is a charming seaside resort that attracts many national and international tourists.

Agadir is, first of all, an escape. One of the few places that make me feel free and where I can’t resist but take a deep breath whenever I contemplate the beauty of that sea… Well, I think you understood what I mean.

Agadir guide

Agadir guide

Travel to Agadir The Capital of the Souss Massa region, Agadir is also a city brimming with a vibrant economic and cultural activity. Its coastline extends south to the Saharan provinces. Its hinterland penetrates to the mountains of the Anti-Atlas. Today, the port of Agadir is the most important fishing port of Morocco. The new city of Agadir combines modernity and simplicity: large green spaces, grandees avenues, flowery gardens, elegant contemporary architecture. And good food, especially fresh fish.

On the other hand, the discoveries and the revelations that you will get from the excursions in the Agadir region, as well as the exploration of nature and Berber culture, are breathtaking.

Please find below some of my recommendations in Agadir, and it’s regions:

First of all, you have to know yourself by distinguishing between two things:

  1. Are you the lone person by nature, who enjoys time being by himself or with a close mate or family away from the crowd. or
  2. You enjoy socializing more than being by yourself,

Well, to make things simpler: your goal is to escape or socialize? Or both? Anyway, in Agadir, you have both aspects.

So if you want to escape and nourish your soul, instead aim for Agadir’s regions, like Taghazout, Aghroud, etc. It is still crowded in the summer, but you will find peace there. And also Agadir is not very far, you can go there at any time of the day.

taghazout beach agadir
taghazout beach agadir

Else, Agadir the city itself offers a good lifestyle and many things to discover.

Also, don’t forget to visit Paradise Valley, which is around 35 kilometers away from Agadir and Taghazout, respectively. I won’t waste your time describing what you can easily find in any search engine, but here are a few tricks if you decide to visit this magnificent place:

  • With a rental car, this hike can be done in half a day. To escape the crowds, avoid weekends. The valley is well attended during the weekend and crowded with people in the summer.
  • Due to rains and floods, the road is sometimes blocked for a few days (usually between January and February). Check the weather before planning to go.
  • From the village of Tamzargout, the paved road becomes challenging for a few kilometers. This part of the road is constantly under construction because of the floods. So when you reach this

place, slow down and drive carefully when cornering.

  • Parking your car will cost you 10 dirhams.
  • For those with sensitive feet, make sure to wear appropriate walking shoes. The path is rocky, and you will have to cross the river several times to get the other side of the way.
  • Bring your swimsuit and a towel. Carry your belongings in a lightweight backpack that makes walking more relaxed and more comfortable. So hike lightly, you don’t need to bring all your suitcase stuff with you.
  • I highly advise you to bring food and drinks with you.



Built-in 1572 by the Moroccan king Moulay Abdallah el-Ghalib, this fortified city was intended to protect the inhabitants against possible Portuguese invasions. Made of small winding streets and many shops, the fortress overlooked the city and the sea. Unfortunately, the 1960 earthquake destroyed most of it, and only the restored ramparts remain today.

I am telling you this, so you will remember that this fortress has contained the oldest district of Agadir, at the time composed of small streets and cheerful residents for Agadir travel guide.

Today the place is ideal for admiring the city from all angles as well as the sunsets! So don’t forget to take a few pictures.

The Kasbah is a must and a breathtaking viewpoint of the city of Agadir.